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Repositioning a Destination

What is needed to reposition an entire destination? All around the world destinations reach a mature life cycle and are forced to re-invent themselves due to increased global competition. This case study on Montenegro can provide an insight.

Hotel Room Supply, Capital Investment and Manpower Requirement by 2021

This White Paper aims to articulate the industry’s key requirements and highlights the support policies that are needed to facilitate the growth of the Indian hospitality sector by 2021.

Synopsis of the 2011 Indian Hotel Industry Manpower Survey (IHIMS)

The survey, first-of-its-kind in India, presents critical manpower ratios across hotel hierarchies at an All-India level, by hotel market positionings and by major Indian cities. Its synopsis discusses the key survey results briefly.

Indian Hotel Industry Survey 2010-11

The survey, representing 1,318 hotels in various cities across different star categories in India, presents key statistics for the industry. It provides information about financial performance, marketing media usage patterns, guest segmentation etc.

2011 India Hotel Compensation Survey

The 2011 HCE India Hotel Salary Survey© includes data from 200 hotels reporting on 40 key positions from the executive committee to line managers.

2010 HCE India Salary and Benefits Report

This edition of HCE report aims to provide a comprehensive guide to All-India compensation trends in the hospitality industry and provides various industry stakeholders with current information on compensation.

The Ultimate Cover Letter

Steve Rushmore's June 2009 article for Lodging Hospitality magazine.

The Ultimate Cover Letter

Steve Rushmore article in Lodging Hospitality.

Don't Burn Your Bridges

Steve Rushmore Monthy article in Lodging Hospitality.