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Hotel Valuation Index : Paris

The HVI is the authoritative guide to U.S. hotel values, giving hotel stakeholders an educated edge in buying, selling, and holding opportunities. This online tool provides historical and projected values and RevPAR for the Paris market.

How the Right Asset Management Firm Helps Optimize Hotel Investments

Partnering with an asset management firm can help maximize investor returns and property values. Asset management is particularly important in the current environment where macroeconomic conditions are in constant flux, geopolitical issues continue to intensify, and domestic monetary policy has considerable implications. The following article outlines how the right hotel asset management firm will help optimize the return on your hotel investment.

Namibia - Where Sand Dunes Embrace the Atlantic

This article underscores Namibia's potential as a premier tourism destination, driven by its natural beauty, strategic initiatives, and increasing tourism contributions to the economy.

A Closer Look at Hotel Interest Rates: Past and Future

In recent months, it has become clear that interest rates may stay higher for longer. In this article, we have compiled and analyzed historical hotel interest rate data, as well as indications from the Fed on the anticipated direction of interest rates, to provide some context for hotel financing trends.

Paris Market Pulse 2024 – Going for Gold

Snapshot of the Paris hotel market in 2024 with an exploration of tourism demand, hotel performance, hotel supply, the investment market and the market outlook.

Understanding the Current State of the Hotel Transaction Market

The hotel transaction market continues to face significant headwinds. Nonetheless, there are still many good deals to be had, and with some patience and strategy, long-term returns may match or even exceed an investor’s expectations. This article examines and compares current transaction data to historical activity.

Amsterdam Market Pulse 2024 – Full Recovery in Sight

Snapshot of the Amsterdam hotel market in 2024 with an exploration of tourism demand, hotel performance, hotel supply, the investment market and the market outlook.

2023 European Hotel Transactions

HVS discusses the main hotel transactions that took place in 2023 and looks at the trends in single-asset and portfolio transactions over the years.

Orlando Hotel Market: Recovery and Evolution

Orlando was one of the first of the top 20 U.S. hotel markets to recover from the pandemic. Going forward, Orlando's hotel demand is expected to be bolstered by the addition of new tourist attractions in the market, increased flight capacities, greater inbound international travel and group bookings, and the recovery of the business segment.

Paid Publication HVS U.S. Franchise Fee Guide, 2023 Edition

The HVS U.S. Franchise Fee Guide is a study authored by industry experts and based on extensive research and analysis of the hotel franchising industry. Selecting an appropriate franchise affiliation for a property should include extensive research and investigation by an investor.

Our findings encompass a total of 91 hotel brands, as franchisors for 20 economy, 30 midscale, 19 upper-midscale, 21 upscale, and 18 first-class brands participated in this annual analysis. The study highlights the importance of partnering with the right franchise company and is an essential resource for anyone interested in investing in the hotel industry or looking to expand their existing portfolio.

Hotels are complicated investments. The information presented in this guide was developed to provide insight into franchise-fee structures and should not be relied upon by an investor for any purpose other than as a preliminary resource. The study results are not necessarily indicative of the impact a brand may have on an individual hotel’s overall profitability because the benefits of the franchise affiliations have not been analyzed, only the costs. Furthermore, the study does not reflect or address the operating results of any one brand or any particular brand affiliation upon any single hotel property.

Our U.S. Franchise Fee Guide is meant to illustrate a basic comparison among franchise fees charged by participants. HVS has extensive experience with assisting clients in selecting the appropriate franchise affiliation for their proposed or existing hotels. Our services also include assisting with or managing the negotiations in coordination with experienced attorneys and other industry professionals. For more information on this publication or brand selection in general, please contact Robert Fitzpatrick at [email protected] or (845) 540-4090.



HVS Monday Musings: Roaring Success and Silent Struggles: The Dynamics of Wildlife Tourism in India

Wildlife tourism in India is experiencing a strong comeback, evolving into a luxury experience. Eco-friendly accommodations have been leveraging this growing demand, offering distinctive experiences with minimal ecological impact. Read on to know more.
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