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HVS Market Pulse Update - Pacific Northwest

Rod Clough, President – Americas, interviewed Kasia Russell, Managing Director and Senior Partner overseeing the U.S. Pacific Northwest region, on February 3, 2021, to discuss the current market dynamics and the outlook for recovery.

Room for Growth

This report provides a comparison of hotel room supply and demand generators for 10 key Asian cities across 6 Countries.

COVID-19’s Impact on the Portland Lodging Market

The challenges faced by the City of Roses in 2020 were nothing short of devastating. Not only did the COVID-19 pandemic wreak havoc on the local economy, but social injustice and political demonstrations, as well as devastating fires that displaced thousands and resulted in hazardous air quality, continued to impede recovery efforts throughout the year. Moreover, the exaggerated national media attention further exacerbated conditions. Looking ahead, Portland as a city works to heal and rebuild.

HVS Monday Musings: Wellness Tourism will Flourish in the Post-COVID Era

The Indian wellness tourism segment has high-growth potential as an increasing number of people are adopting a healthier lifestyle and seeking personalized travel experiences in the post-COVID era. Read on to know more.

HVS U.S. Franchise Fee Guide

Published each fall, the HVS U.S. Hotel Franchise Fee Guide provides a comparative review of various hotel franchises based on their applicable franchise fees. Selection of an appropriate franchise affiliation affects a property’s ability to compete in its local market, generate profits, and achieve a desirable image and market orientation.

Paid Publication 2020 HVS Guide to Canadian Hotel Management Contracts

The HVS Guide to Canadian Hotel Management Contracts presents the results of an extensive review of hotel management agreements conducted across Canada, in addition to offering an in-depth understanding of the key terms and clauses of such agreements. All the management contracts analyzed for this survey were in place prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. At this stage, given the disruption to the industry and the unprecedented levels of distress, current events may have a longer-term impact on the key terms of management contracts and owner-operator relationships, most importantly on the concept of “force majeure.”

In Canada, 70% of hotels, representing roughly half of all guestroom inventory, are currently independent. However, most of the new hotels now being developed are associated with a brand. Consequently, the percentage of the supply that is branded is growing. The emergence of soft brands as an option for both established independent hotels and new developments is also contributing to the growth in branded supply. Given the number of first-time hotel developers that have entered the Canadian hotel industry, the need for education on the highly complex terms of management contracts and assistance in the negotiation process is greater than ever.

Hotel management contracts involve either brand management, in which the franchise company provides both the brand and management services, or third-party hotel management, whereby a hotel management company provides just management services for independent or franchised hotels. For full-service, upper-upscale, and luxury properties, international brands provide management services and forgo the royalty portion of their franchise fees in favour of a base management fee and an incentive management fee. Recently, brands have also begun offering management services in the limited- and select-service upscale hotel tier because there is a dearth of third-party hotel management companies in Canada.

Third-party management companies offer their services for a predetermined time period in exchange for a base management fee and an incentive fee. Currently, there are only a handful of third-party management companies in Canada, many with their roots in the United States. Given the recent growth in hotel development, often involving first-time developers, successful hotel owners in Canada are offering their local expertise through third-party management services in an effort to also fill this void.

Owners are becoming better educated and are hiring hotel consultants, such as HVS, as a way to gain greater power in the management-contract-negotiation process and ensure that they are receiving customized, fair, and equitable hotel management terms based on the merits of the specific development.

The 2020 HVS Guide to Canadian Hotel Management Contracts by Monique Rosszell and Anastasia Ivanova is intended as a reference document for the key terms, clauses, and trends in management contracts found across the country. We hope this guide can serve the industry as a reference to make better decisions and building more balanced relationships between owners and operators.

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COVID-19’s Impact on the Seattle Lodging Market

Seattle effectively closed for business in early March 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Attempts to reignite the local economy have faced multiple setbacks, compounded by 40+ national convention cancellations, the shuttering of the 2020 cruise season, and the substantial decline in inbound domestic and international travel. The effects of COVID-19 on the Pacific Northwest have been nothing short of catastrophic to the hospitality industry.

Outlook for the Latin American Hotel Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting restrictions on domestic and international travel, economic activity, and individual movement are having an unprecedented impact on the lodging and tourism industry in Latin America. While government authorities across the region work to manage restrictions and phased reopening plans, uncertainty prevails over the duration of the global pandemic.

Evolution of Hotel Management Agreements and Rise of Alternative Agreements

Hotels are complicated investments and evaluating the most suitable hotel operating model for a hotel investment is crucial to ensure that the owner’s return is optimized. This publication summarizes the evolution of a number key terms in the hotel management agreements and our outlook on how these key terms may evolve in the future, provides an overview of franchise agreements and highlights alternative agreements that are being considered by sophisticated owners in the Middle East region.

Opportunity to View the HVS Webinar on Global Hotel Performance & Values: Now and Moving Forward

If you would like to view the recording of the September 8, 2020, global webinar, you can access it here. It covers valuable information about the current state of the hospitality industry across global regions, as well as candid insights into the future of the hospitality industry. You can also access the related slides by clicking on the PDF button above.
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