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We have written hundreds of articles about all aspects of hospitality including hotel valuations, investing, lending, operations, asset management, sales and marketing, public relations, and so forth. HVS invites you to download and share these articles, with our compliments.
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In Focus: Madrid, Spain

This market snapshot provides an overview of the recent performance of the lodging industry in Madrid, Spain, in terms of demand and supply and analyzes past and future tourism trends.

Hotel Management Contracts in Europe

This article reviews the main terms of hotel management contracts in Europe. The terms provided are broad indications only, and can vary significantly depending on element such as asset class, location, brand, operator and type of investor.

Market Intelligence Report Madrid 2011

The article guides the reader through the Urban Hotel Market of Madrid, dealing with the development of the market during 2010 and the beginning of 2011 with a view to the immediate future for the city.

Informe Mercado Hotelero Madrid 2010

Informe sobre el mercado hotelero en Madrid 2010 Hoteles en Madrid - ¿En Vías de Recuperación?

Market Intelligence Report-Madrid 2010

Madrid City Hotels - On the Rocky Road to Recovery?

Análisis y Perspectiva de la Industria Hotelera Española - Madrid

En este artículo, HVS International presenta un análisis de las tendencias hoteleras del principal mercado comercial español.

Spanish Hotel Market Review and Assessment - Barcelona

After assessing the performance of the Madrid hotel market, this article focuses on the Barcelona market.

Spanish Hotel Market Review and Assessment - Madrid

The article assesses the performance of the hotel industry in Madrid, the main commercial market in Spain.