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We have written hundreds of articles about all aspects of hospitality including hotel valuations, investing, lending, operations, asset management, sales and marketing, public relations, and so forth. HVS invites you to download and share these articles, with our compliments.
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Indian Hotel Industry Survey 2010-11

The survey, representing 1,318 hotels in various cities across different star categories in India, presents key statistics for the industry. It provides information about financial performance, marketing media usage patterns, guest segmentation etc.

The Increasing Demise of Telephone Profits in Full-Service Hotels

This article briefly discusses the three primary reasons that have led to the demise of telephone profits in full-service lodging facilities.

GOPPAR, a derivative of RevPAR!

This article shows the pitfalls of RevPAR, and elaborates on the advantages of using a complementary performance measure, GOPPAR.