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We have written hundreds of articles about all aspects of hospitality including hotel valuations, investing, lending, operations, asset management, sales and marketing, public relations, and so forth. HVS invites you to download and share these articles, with our compliments.
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Get Involved in the Legislative Process

Mid-term elections prompted me to reflect back on how my interest in being active in the political process evolved. Some define "active in the political process" as voting in elections while others define it as being a politician or a lobbyist.

How to Develop & Execute a Public-Sector Process to Select a Private-Sector Hotel Development Partne

Most successful public/private-sector hotel development projects are the end result of an evaluation and selection process. This article details the steps and criteria used to assess the strengths and weaknesses of various proposals.

A Ghostly Gold Christmas

What is it that we can learn from Ghosts, Gold, and Christmas that can help make you a leader in your company and community? By using "The Gold Standards" of Leadership, we can see how decision-making abilities can help achieve peak performance.

Asset Management Scope and Compensation: A Wide Spectrum

Asset managers provide a wide range of management oversight, analysis, and support to hotel owners. The specific scope of services is tailored to each owner. Compensation is usually a flat fee or a fee that is a percentage of gross revenues.

"e-" Is For Employment

Steve Rushmore June 2000 Hotels monthly.

Save With Your Healthcare Program

Steve Rushmore's October 2000 Hotels monthly.

Why the Management Team Should Be Important to Hotel Lenders

Lenders that orignate hotel loans without thoroughly investigating the quality of the management company or managment team are overlooking one of the most important components of a hotel investment.

Publish and Prosper

For many years, academicians have been pressured by their institutions to publish or perish.

Real Estate Compensation

This article describes the unusual compensation packages utilized by HVS International. Its compensation plan was designed to motivate its employees and to give them maximum incentives for producing a high quality and quantity of product.

Fire Your Staff - And Lease Them Back

Employee leasing works as follows: you the owner/employer terminate your employees and immediatley hire them back by an employee leasing organization.