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2014 African Hotel Valuation Index

An index studying the relative values of hotels in 14 markets throughout Africa.

In Focus: Abuja and Lagos

This article provides an overview of the buoyant hotel markets of Abuja and Lagos, and explores the underlying dynamics that impact hotel development and growth in each city and the country

In Focus: Casablanca - Hotel Performance in the Economic Capital of Morocco

The economic, industrial and financial hub of Morocco, namely Casablanca, is a sprawling metropolis that deserves more attention than many travellers devote to it. This article compares the midscale/budget hotel market to the upscale/luxury segment.

Hotel Franchising in Europe 2014

This article aims to assist owners in increasing their understanding and awareness of the franchise business model and current market trends. The fees outlined in this article apply solely to hotels operating in Europe.

2014 European Hotel Valuation Index

Generally Hotel values in Europe have been quite stable during 2013, with Lisbon and Athens starting to recover from the downturn. 2013 was not the year of a big leap forward but still showed a continuation of growth amongst most markets.

In Focus: Luanda, Angola

This article explores the hotel market trends including tourism trends, supply and performance outlook in Luanda, Angola.

Upscale Hotel Market - Rome, Italy

In this article, we present tourism visitation trends, the most recent performance of upscale hotels and a performance forecast to 2017.

It's 'Ghana' Be Great In Accra - A Snapshot of a Growing Market

Accra is the bustling capital of Ghana on Africa’s Atlantic coast. This article provides an overview of the buoyant hotel market in Accra and explores the underlying dynamics that impact hotel development and growth in the city.

2013 European Hotel Valuation Index

This year's European Hotel Valuation Index (HVI) covers 32 hotel markets across Europe. The article provides values per room as well as year-on-year percentage changes. Additionally, the HVI provides a five-year forecast and a volatility index.

Monte Carlo, Monaco Upscale Hotel Market

This article discusses the performance of the upscale hotel market in Monte Carlo over the last few years. It discusses recent supply and demand trends, and presents our forecast of how the market is expected to perform in the coming years.