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How to Lower the Property Taxes on Your Hotel or Restaurant

Factors both internal and external to a hotel property affect its value, and in turn, its property tax burden. In most cases, an experienced hotel appraiser, employing a proven appeal protocol, is needed to determine whether a property is unfairly assessed.

Facing the facts on franchising

What does one need to consider in order to add value to a hotel through franchising. This column examines briefly, the merits and considerations of franchising.

Hotel franchises: calculating your breakeven point

In this article, we discuss the associated costs and fees incurred when franchising a hotel.

Food for Thought

Issues to consider before leasing out a restaurant outlet.

But is it feasible?

Aspects to consider before developing a new hotel.

Adding value by design

When considering investment in hotel real estate, one needs to start from the basics and consider the hotel project from first principles. This article considers the design of the hotel.

To Build or not to Build?

This article investigates whether the time has come to look at new development opportunities in Asia two years after the 1997 financial crisis.

Are branding opportunities in Asia real?

This articles invetigates branding opportunities by star rating and location in Asia.