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US Hotel Value Gains Moderate as RevPAR Growth Slows and Cap Rates Rise

Hotel assets continued to appreciate in 2016, but at a more modest pace due to slowing RevPAR growth and a rise in cap rates. The stock market rally following the election has led to cautious optimism about what 2017 will bring.

HVS U.S. Hotel Development Cost Survey 2015/16

Each year, HVS researches development costs from our database of actual hotel construction budgets, industry reports, and franchise disclosure documents. These sources provide the basis for our range of component costs per room.

ALIS 2014 Conference: HVS Presents Industry Outlook & US Hotel Transactions

ALIS presentation featured in the "Numbers" panel discussion on January 28, 2014, provides a recap of national market activity in 2013, covers current/recent cap rates, examines cap ex impacts on hotel cap rates/values, and gives an outlook for 2014.

Hotel Capitalization Rates Stabilize as Market Forces Create State of Equilibrium

Hotel capitalization rates are stabilizing due to the counter balancing forces of a healthy transaction market, a shortage of product for sale, the low cost of capital and the slowing of net income gains.

Announcing: Hotel Investments: Issues and Perspectives, Fifth Edition, including HVS San Francisco’s Suzanne R. Mellen’s “ Hotel Valuation” chapter.

Including contributions from the hospitality industry’s top investment experts, this must-read book focuses on current trends in hotel valuation, methodology and issues affecting hotel investment.

Hotel Transaction Activity Slows, Cap Rates Rise

Major hotel sales activity was robust during the first half of 2011. Transactions have resumed but will continue to face headwinds in 2012 due to continuing economic and political uncertainty.

The Hotel Industry Outlook- U.S. Hotel Transactions

Suzanne Mellen's Presentation at the ALIS Conference on January 23, 2012

Dramatic Decline in Hotel Capitalization Rates Reflects Shift in Market Sentiment

The increase in hotel transactions and low cost of debt and equity have driven down rates of return to pre-recession levels. This article sets forth an overview of recent hotel cap and discount rate trends and provides an outlook for 2011.

Paid Publication Hotel Valuation Software: Version 4.0

Hotel Valuation Software Version 3.0 with Tabs is comprised of four sophisticated, state-of-the-art software models for performing hotel market studies, financial projections and valuations. Developed by Steve Rushmore and Suzanne Mellen of HVS and Professor Jan deRoos of the Cornell Hotel School, this software package is used by leading hotel chains and lenders around the world to assist with their hotel investment decisions. HVS is the exclusive distributor of the advanced "tabbed version" of the software. The tabbed version enables more enhanced financial analyses by providing user access to the calculation pages of the software. The flash disk contains the recently released version 3.0 of Hotel Valuation Software with Tabs which runs on Microsoft (not Apple) operating systems with Windows 7 and Excel 2007 or newer. Also included on the flash disk is the previous version 2.5 of the software which runs on both Microsoft and Apple operating systems.

Additional Resources

In addition to Hotel Valuation Software, your flash disk contains several valuable bonuses which will provide tools and resources to enhance your skills and knowledge of the hotel and travel industry.

  1. Hotel Valuation Software (HVS) Live Instruction Seminar - Sit in on one of Steve Rushmore's seminars where he explains the logic and calculations behind Hotel Valuation Software using a case study. Steve explains the inner working of the three software models; the supply/demand and occupancy forecasting program, the 10-year income and expense projection program and the mortgage equity DCF valuation model. Experience the rare opportunity of listening to the actual software creator as he explains its use.
  2. HVS Library - Access more than 1,250 articles, research publications and textbooks written by the industry's leading professionals at HVS. These publications are considered essential reading for hotel owners, operators and investors. Every topic related to the hotel and travel industry is covered including valuations and market studies, management contracts and franchising, market overviews, human resources, economic trends and cycles, gaming, architecture and interior design, asset management, finance and transactions, food and beverage, hotel management, shared and fractional, risk management, convention centers, parking, sales and marketing. The HVS Library is fully searchable and user friendly. The articles and research can be downloaded from the flash disk and distributed to your business associates.
  3. Hotel Market Study and Valuation Seminar - Steve Rushmore has given hundreds of seminars to thousands of hotel owners, investors, and consultants throughout the world. His most popular presentation is the one-day seminar "Hotel Market Studies and Valuations" which teaches procedures and techniques. The flash disk contains Steve's complete PowerPoint presentation and hand out materials.
  4. HVS Demonstration Appraisals - As the leading hotel consulting firm performing thousands of hotel market studies and appraisals each year throughout the world, HVS has developed state-of-the-art hotel appraisal methodologies and software. Peruse six examples of HVS studies demonstrating the sophisticated analysis and forecasting techniques and procedures HVS pioneered.
  5. Hotel Investment Handbook - This "how-to" guide shares information on hotel investing, including from how to buy a hotel, how to negotiate a management contract, financing, selling a hotel and more.

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The Impact of Seller Financing Upon Hotel Values

Seller financing is becoming more prevalent in hotel real estate transactions. This analysis outlines contemporary thinking on seller financing while illustrating its impact on value in a hypothetical case study.