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The Impact of Seller Financing Upon Hotel Values

Seller financing is becoming more prevalent in hotel real estate transactions. This analysis outlines contemporary thinking on seller financing while illustrating its impact on value in a hypothetical case study.

Hotel Capitalization Rates on the Rise

With limited recent sales and survey data upon which to rely, capitalization and discount rates can be developed based on the current cost of capital. Suzanne Mellen, MAI outlines the approach.

Hotel Values in Transition - An Appraisal Technique for These Uncertain Times

Recent trends in hotel capitalization and discount rates are discussed and a basis for developing capitalization rates and discount rates in today’s uncertain market environment is set forth. And I have attached the edited

Hotel Cap Rates and Values in a Changing Market Environment

A summary on gauging just how much hotel values have been impacted by the recent stock market plunge and impending recession.

Does Your Underwriting Adequately Compensate for the Timing of Future Cash Flow?

Investors are pursuing property turnarounds and repositionings to generate higher yields. Are investors and lenders adequately considering the increased risk of earning future cash flows?

Hotel Capitalization Rates Bottom Out

Hotel capitalization rates have bottomed out, as rates of return remain at record low levels and NOI upside has begun to subside. This article updates data that were presented in a previous article on hotel capitalization rates.

Forecasting Market-wide Gaming Revenue (Win) for the Macau Special Administrative Region

Forecasting gaming revenue for the Macau SAR over the next five to seven years will be particularly challenging primarily due to the current extraordinarily high win per unit per day (WPUPD) and the unprecedented anticipated growth in supply.

Low Cap Rates Drive Gains in Hotel Values

Reduced interest rates and lower equity yield requirements have had a substantial positive impact on hotel values. Additional value gains are now being fueled by more aggressive deal underwriting, as discussed in this article.