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Don't Forget Your Waste Audit

Although you think you have audited and reviewed every aspect of your hotel's operations, i bet you have not performed a solid waste audit.

Real Estate Jargon Made Simple

Hotel appraisals and market studies generally come with their own language. This month's column will be devoted to defining some of those often used and sometimes misunderstood expressions.

The Valuation of Distressed Hotels

Today's hotel market is in a state of chaos. The overbuilding of the 1980s coupled with the recession of the 1990s has sent hotel occupancies in many parts of the country plummeting.

Understanding Economic Life

Economic life is the period when improvements to a property contribute to property value. Hotels and motels have a definite life span of positive cash flow.

Valuing Distressed Properties

As more lodging properties run out of operating capital and are forclosed upon by their lenders, it becomes increasingly important for hotel buyers, sellers and lenders to understand the techniques utilized in valuing distressed facilities.

Seven Current Hotel-Valuation Techniques

Hotel Investors and appraisers use a variety of techniques to value hotels.

Cap Rate 101

Whenever people say they're planning to purchase a hotel, one of the forst questions asked of them is: "What capitalization rate are you using?" Cap rate, as it is called in the industry, has many meanings.

GOPPAR, a derivative of RevPAR!

This article shows the pitfalls of RevPAR, and elaborates on the advantages of using a complementary performance measure, GOPPAR.