HVS U.S. Hotel Franchise Fee Guide 2013

A survey of the fees charged by major hotel franchisors in the economy, mid-rate, and first-class market segments. This guide enables hotel owners to easily compare the total cost of one hotel franchise with that of another.


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  1. We need to compare the fee's versus the reservation provided by these franchise's. The other cost , for example PMS maintanance fee's, Convention fee's, Systemwise ADR and occupancy.. Some Franchise's have mandatory full breakfast with a ADR of less than $50=oo. ( Avg 3 occupancy ). Some discarded higher end franchise hotels with 100+ rooms upon getting old and being exterior move to other lower end available franchise pay almost same fee's but never acheive 60% + occupancy get only fraction of the revenue upon redeeming rewards for free night stay. Their are a lot of other blind expenses to be considered as hidden fee's. Your article is still very helpful in considering for a franchise. Thanking you for such informative article's

  2. Hugo DesenzaniMarch 4, 2013

    Once again this is a great piece of information, regardless of any limitations it may have, since it provides aggregate data which helps to compare oranges with oranges. Thank you HVS team for doing this.

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