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We have written hundreds of articles about all aspects of hospitality including hotel valuations, investing, lending, operations, asset management, sales and marketing, public relations, and so forth. HVS invites you to download and share these articles, with our compliments.
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The Autonomous Region of Sardinia: The Tropics in the Mediterranean

The report highlights the peculiarities of the tourism industry on the island of Sardinia in Italy through an analysis of its main performance indicators.

HVS European Hotel Valuation Index In-Depth Insights 2009

HVS’s London office released the latest edition of the Hotel Valuation Index (HVI). The survey shows that on average hotel values across Europe, measured in euro, showed the first annual fall in value since 2003.

Market Snapshot - Geneva, Switzerland

The Geneva hotel market is fundamentally prosperous and stable. Commercial demand in the city is driven mainly by the many international and government organisations and by banking institutions in and around Geneva.

The Greek Marina Industry

The article analyses the history of the Greek Marina Industry and addresses its current state in comparison to other competitive countries.

HVS Informe de Mercado - Madrid 2009

A Spanish translation of HVS Madrid's Market Intelligence Report on Madrid.

How New Hotels Can Transform Emerging Markets

HVS has applied a methodology for gauging the transformation of emerging lodging markets into self-contained markets in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.

Market Intelligence Report - Madrid

An overview of the Madrid hotel market in 2008 and current hospitality and tourism trends.

Kuwait Market Snapshot

An overview of the Kuwait hotel market

Country Snapshot: Italy

The article summarizes the characteristics of the Italian hospitality market and highlights its recent performance, while considering the current issues that need to addressed.

Market Area Overview - Basilicata, Italy

The article summarizes the tourism industry of the Region of Basilicata in Italy focusing on past performance and future developments.
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