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Tim Smith's Letter To Santa Claus

Tim Smith, a director with HVS's London office, describes his ten wishes for the UK hotel industry in 2009

Clear Skies Ahead? Challenges and Trends Shaping the UK Hotel Industry in 2008

Russell Kett and Michael Schwarz of HVS London have looked at five major trends and factors which are expected to influence the UK's hotel industry in 2008.

Hotel Investment Risk: What Are The Chances?

The article illustrates the fundamental risk components inherent in a hotel investment and compares the risk profiles of the various asset classes in the industry.

HVS European Hotel Valuation Index In-Depth Insights 2004

An annual review of European hotel value trends

HVS European Hotel Valuation Index In-Depth Insights 2003

The HVI is a sophisticated hotel valuation benchmark developed by HVS International. It monitors annual percentage changes in the values of, mainly, four-star and five-star hotels in 28 major European markets.

Un Análisis del Punto de Equilibrio de un Hotel desde la perspectiva de la Inversión

El RevPAR y el GOPPAR desde el punto de vista de la Inversión

GOPPAR, un derivado del RevPAR!

Este articulo muestra los principales problemas del RevPAR y versa sobre las ventajas de utilizar un método de análisis complementario denominado GOPPAR.

An Investment Driven Breakeven Analysis for Hotels

ID.RevPAR & ID.GOPPAR: the Investment Driven RevPAR and GOPPAR

GOPPAR, a derivative of RevPAR!

This article shows the pitfalls of RevPAR, and elaborates on the advantages of using a complementary performance measure, GOPPAR.