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Hotel Franchising: How To Be A Successful Franchise

Hotel owners must know what they are getting into before signing that franchise agreement.

Life Cycle of a Golf Course Community

Maximizing long term asset value through strategic and economic planning.

GOPPAR, un derivado del RevPAR!

Este articulo muestra los principales problemas del RevPAR y versa sobre las ventajas de utilizar un método de análisis complementario denominado GOPPAR.

Shielding Against Incompetence

In many distress hotels, the blame lies with the inept hotel management companies.

Who Needs An Asset Manager?

The lodging buzzword of the 1990s must be asset management. Many hotel companies are offering it. Most hotel owners need it. But very few people really know what it is.

How To Perform A Study Of Your Property's Market

Most hotel/motel market studies and appraisals quantify the demand for transient accommodations using a factor known as a room night.

Understanding Economic Life

Economic life is the period when improvements to a property contribute to property value. Hotels and motels have a definite life span of postive cash flow.

Don't Forget Your Waste Audit

Although you think you have audited and reviewed every aspect of your hotel's operations, i bet you have not performed a solid waste audit.
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