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What Happens To Occupancy And Average Rate In A Slowing Economy?

What Happens to Occupancy and Average Rate in a Slowing Economy? was written by Anne Lloyd-Jones in 2000 when the lodging industry was slowing down after half a decade of record performance.

Canadian Lodging Outlook April 2004

The Hotel Industry is Starting to Recover

A Guide for Lenders Holding Distressed Hotel Loans

Today's lodging market has been hit hard by overbuilding and falling demand. As a result, many lenders are monitoring hotel loans that are not current in their debt service payments.

The Valuation of Distressed Hotels

Today's hotel market is in a state of chaos. The overbuilding of the 1980s coupled with the recession of the 1990s has sent hotel occupancies in many parts of the country plummeting.

Valuing Distressed Properties

As more lodging properties run out of operating capital and are forclosed upon by their lenders, it becomes increasingly important for hotel buyers, sellers and lenders to understand the techniques utilized in valuing distressed facilities.
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