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Canadian Lodging Outlook January 2009

Smart Revenue Management Techniques For 2009

Yield Management in 2009: How to Keep Your Hotel Up and Running in a Downturn

Yield management has always been a good idea for hotels, but one that recessed with years of record demand and record profits. Now that the downturn has many hotels fighting for survival, we need to bring yield management back to the foreground.

Marketing a Hotel Online In a Struggling Economy

In a tough economy, when your marketing budget shrinks, you need to be careful about how you invest your money. The return on investment (ROI) for online marketing spending is faster than almost any other form of hotel marketing.

Layer or Top-Up - why European Hotel Investors should include Revenue Management in their Investment

The author considers that a strengthened understanding by hotel investors of revenue management principles will permit investors to make better investment decisions.

Canadian Lodging Outlook October 2007

The Virtual Meeting Ground

The Virtual Meeting Ground

Why telepresence is a nascent revenue opportunity for upscale and luxury hotels.

Search Engine Marketing - Paid Advertising

In the never-ending race to online supremacy, if you wish to outbid some of your competitors in obtaining higher keyword positions, you should have a good look at Pay per Click (PPC) ad campaigns.

Staying A Step Ahead of Your Guests

Staying ahead of guests in technology is as important as providing ultra comfortable bedding these days. This article explores how to impress your guests without spending a fortune.

Technology In Hospitality - Clash and Collaboration

Technologists and Hoteliers have very different personalities, yet both are critical to successful hotel technology decisions. This article explores the nature of that sometimes difficult collaboration, and offers some advice for a smooth process.