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Hotel Property Tax Appeals: A Life Line in the Perfect Storm

A deluge of expenses has met with a drought of income in the current economy. A reduction in property taxes could prove the life line hoteliers need.

Are Your Hotel’s Property Taxes on the Decline?

An HVS property tax review has the potential to lower a hotel’s tax burden and increase its profitability, especially in these troubling financial times.

The Impact of Gaming Tax Rates on Casino and Racino Development and Operations

Taxation of gaming enterprises should take into consideration marketwide factors and dynamics rather than simply comparing the different gaming tax rates between jurisdictions.

Why the "Rushmore Approach" is a Better Method for Valuing the Real Property Component of a Hotel

Hotel real estate tax theories and methodologies have long been a subject of controversy in separating the business value from the real estate. In a recent article published by the Journal of Property Tax Assessment and Administration...

In Defense of the "Rushmore Approach" for Valuing the Real Estate Property Component of a Hotel

A hotel is a unique form of real estate consisting of four components: land, improvements, personal property, and the going business. Does it sound reasonable that the land and improvements account for only 36% of the overall total value?

The Rushmore Letter

An Important Article Defending the “Rushmore Approach” for Valuing the Real Property Component of a Hotel.

Industry Data Indicative Of A Decline In Hotel Real Property Values

Throughout the 1990s and into 2000, the hotel industry experienced significant growth in terms of revenue per available room and net operating income. Ultimately, hotel values recorded the highest levels in history toward the latter half of the 1990s

Now is the Time to Review Your Hotel's Property Tax

During periods of economic stress in the hotel industry, smart owners and operators carefully review their hotel's property tax assessment to determine whether there is sufficient justification to seek a reduction.

Property Tax Assessments for Hotels and Motels

One of the significant expense items incurred by a hotel is the property taxes paid to local municipalities.