HVS European Hotel Valuation Index In-Depth Insights 2013

This year's European Hotel Valuation Index (HVI) covers 32 hotel markets across Europe. The article provides values per room as well as year-on-year percentage changes. Additionally, the HVI provides a five-year forecast and a volatility index.


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Sophie Perret is managing director of the HVS London office. She joined HVS in 2003, following ten years’ operational experience in the hospitality industry in South America and Europe. Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sophie holds a degree in Hotel Management from Ateneo de Estudios Terciarios, and an MBA from IMHI (Essec Business School, France and Cornell University, USA). Since joining HVS, she has advised on hotel investment projects and related assignments throughout the EMEA region, and is responsible for the development of HVS's business in France and the French-speaking countries. Sophie completed an MSc in Real Estate Investment and Finance at Reading University in 2014. Sophie is also a certified surveyor and a member of the RICS. For further information, please contact: [email protected] or +44 20 7878-7722 (Work)


  1. tunç batumMarch 1, 2013


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  3. Chris FradinMarch 1, 2013


  4. Toni HuljevMarch 1, 2013

    Would there be Zagreb or Dubrovnik included in any near future reports? Is there a possibility to get this information compared to similar destinations? Thank you.

    • Dear Tony Thank you for your comment. We used to include both Zagreb and Dubrovnik in the HVI, but the amount of valuation work and the quality and amount of the data available resulted in HVS deciding it was best to remove these markets from the survey, although there is no reason for us not to include them again in the future. Kind regards, Sophie

  5. Alex SchoeneichMarch 1, 2013

    Great research. Thank You. See you in Berlin. Alex

  6. Good one. Thanks

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  8. thanks , do you have reports about Saudi Arabia and Middle East

    • Dear Sharif, Thank you for your comment. We do have articles about the Middle East in our HVS library which is free to register. Our office in Dubai will also publish a new Middle East Hotel Survey at the end of April. Hope this helps otherwise please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Best regards, Christof Bertschi

  9. Catalina Gomez OssaApril 25, 2013

    Dear Christof and Sophie this is a very interesting article for me, thank you! I would like to know if you have available the complete Ranking of Volatile cities in Europe or at least if you could give me the information of the volatility in Barcelona. Thank you again. Catalina

  10. very valuable info, thank you

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