The Leaders’ Journey

The Leaders’ Journey is new initiative designed to enable emerging and young talent around the world to access the learnings of business leaders
Russell Kett As we emerge from this pandemic nightmare, a new initiative – The Leaders’ Journey – has been established to enable emerging and young talent around the world to access the learnings of business leaders. The Leaders’ Journey’s aim is to create a marriage between generations that passes down knowledge, inspires the young, eliminates barriers and builds greater trust in leaders and leadership.

This initiative is not just about hospitality but is to include all sectors, reach all industries and perform on a global basis. So far, over 120 leaders from around the world have agreed to being a mentor and sharing their stories from the worlds of business, law, accountancy, hospitality, the military, education and sport.

I was honoured to be asked to provide input into this series and you can watch a short interview of me by Lauran Bush of EP Business in Hospitality

In this short interview you will hear about the leader who inspired me the most, the greatest learning point in my career, my greatest failure and greatest success, a couple of incidents that really influenced me as a leader and as a professional, and what advice I would have given to my 18-year-old self.

About Russell Kett

Russell Kett is Chairman of the London office of HVS, which he joined in 1995. He has 45 years’ specialist hotel consultancy, investment and real estate experience, focused on providing valuation, feasibility, shared ownership, property, brokerage, investment, asset management, strategy and related consultancy services, advising hotel companies, banks, developers and investors on all aspects of their hospitality industry related interests, throughout the EMEA region. Russell is a frequent writer, moderator and speaker on the international hotel industry, especially topics relating to hotel valuation, investment, marketing and finance. For more information, contact: [email protected]


  1. Russell, I enjoyed watching this very much! Thank you for sharing.

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