Clearwater Beach, The Vision is Realized

Over the last 20 years, Clearwater Beach has made a complete transformation from the traditional “mom and pop” hotel products to a true nationally recognized hotel market.
Kristina D’Amico is a Director in the Miami office of HVS. She specializes in hotels and resorts (including all-inclusive resorts), as well as resorts with a residential component, throughout Florida and the Caribbean Basin. Kristina’s expertise includes market and feasibility studies for existing hotels, proposed hotels, and redevelopments. She primarilily focuses on resort properties in the Caribbean and has worked in 15 Caribbean islands. Kristina also is an experienced appraiser and is a state-certified in Florida. She is working through the final steps of her MAI designation. Please contact Kristina at (305) 378-0404 Ext. 1016 or [email protected].


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