The Art & Science of Hotel Valuation in an Economic Downturn

In this article we demonstrate how distressed values are at least 15-20% lower than Market Values. Hence, the importance of making sure that the value doesn’t penalise the medium-term performance of the asset by assuming distressed market conditions.


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Sophie Perret is managing director of the HVS London office. She joined HVS in 2003, following ten years’ operational experience in the hospitality industry in South America and Europe. Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sophie holds a degree in Hotel Management from Ateneo de Estudios Terciarios, and an MBA from IMHI (Essec Business School, France and Cornell University, USA). Since joining HVS, she has advised on hotel investment projects and related assignments throughout the EMEA region, and is responsible for the development of HVS's business in France and the French-speaking countries. Sophie completed an MSc in Real Estate Investment and Finance at Reading University in 2014. Sophie is also a certified surveyor and a member of the RICS. For further information, please contact: [email protected] or +44 20 7878-7722 (Work)


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