South American Market Overview 2011

The recent performance of South America in terms of economic growth and political and institutional stability has attracted interest among investors in the region offering significant opportunities for potential investors.


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Fernanda L’Hopital, a Senior Vice President with HVS, has dedicated half of her 20-year professional experience to hotel consultancy. Fernanda has in-depth knowledge of the tourism, hospitality, and related real estate markets in South America. During her career in the hotel industry, she has conducted more than 200 studies and has gained plenty of experience in performing market research, feasibility studies, strategic planning, business plans, development plans, highest and best use studies, operator search, management and franchise contract negotiation, and valuations for hotels and other real estate projects. Her regional experience is mainly built on her thorough work in countries like Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Uruguay, Bolivia, and Paraguay, where she has worked both on operating and developing hotels and other real estate projects. Fernanda has a bachelor's degree in Economics from Universidad de Buenos Aires and a master's degree in Business Administration from Universidad del CEMA. For more information, contact Fernanda at [email protected].


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