Canadian Lodging Outlook July 2007

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Kirby D. Payne, CHA, President of HVS Hotel Management and HVS Asset Management - Newport, has over 40 years of hotel operations, consulting, and development experience. He was the 2002 Chair of the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA) and a former Director of the National Restaurant Association. He is a frequent speaker and author. His hotel experience began as a four-year-old living in a hotel on the Amazon River in Brazil, which was managed by his father for InterContinental Hotels. He never lived in a house until he was 13. Payne previously served on the Certification Commission of the AH&LA's Educational Institute. HVS Hotel Management has operated hotels throughout the United States and has served a multiplicity of clients, including lenders, airports and other government entities, and individual investors. HVS Asset Management - Newport oversees upscale and luxury hotels on behalf of clients who use branded management and major independent management companies. Both companies undertake various consulting assignments including, but not limited to, development consulting, brand and management company selections and contract negotiations, Hotel Performance Analysis and litigation support (expert witness). Mr. Payne is frequently appointed as a Receiver for hotels and resorts. Contact Kirby at +1 (401) 625-5016 or [email protected].
Vicki Richman, CFO and COO of HVS Hotel Management and HVS Asset Management - Newport, has diverse industry experience including as Director, Consulting Services, Stephen W. Brener Associates, Inc., New York. She is a focused manager and analyst who is able to interpret information and deliver it a useful and comprehensive manner to the end users. She is a native of Newton (Boston), Mass. and has an undergraduate degree from Brown University and a Wharton MBA. Contact Vicki at +1 (401) 625-5017 or [email protected].


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