Amy Beam

Director, Data Solutions, Dallas

Consulting Experience

Amy, the Director of Data Solutions for the US group, oversees the Hospitality Headlines website, portfolio support initiatives, and other critical databases of the firm.

She joined HVS in 2003 from Marriott operations in Southlake, Texas, where she was a rooms department manager. Her hotel management experience coupled with her hotel valuation training allows her to be a successful director for the HVS transactions function. She earned her college degree in hotel administration from Kansas State University.

Amy enjoys spending free time at local festivals and parks in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, allowing her son to run and play while taking in some art and music. She also enjoys watching basketball and football games at parties held by the Kansas State University Alumni Association in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. At home, Amy dabbles in all sorts of baking and cooking.

Please contact Amy if you would like to purchase the HVS U.S. Hotel Transactions Survey or if you have any questions regarding information on hotel transactions.