Spa & Wellness Consulting

If you are considering adding Spa & Wellness services to your property, or expanding those that are currently offered, HVS offers end-to-end expert advice and analysis. We can help ensure your Spa & Wellness projects enhance the value of your property, optimize hotel engagement, and support ADR and RevPAR performance.

Spa & Wellness are Lifestyle services that play an increasingly important role in hotel development and investment decisions, including mixed-use properties. While Spa & Wellness were once viewed as separate amenities and departments, they are now  holistic, integrated offerings that encompass multiple areas of your hospitality business.

HVS can review the full spectrum of Spa & Wellness and Lifestyle components and assess their impact on your hotel, resort, club, mixed-use facility, or hybrid model. Our experience spans the entire life cycle of projects, from the early planning stages through financing, development, and operations.  

In addition to feasibility studies, we can provide strategies to develop a thriving Spa & Wellness business and determine how specific services will affect your business and property valuation. We also deliver insights into the important and complex interactions between the spa, golf course, and other hotel and mixed-use operations.  

Whether you are a private developer, an EB5 investor, a state or local government entity, an economic development agency, or a local or multinational lender, we offer expertise and advice specifically suited to your situation, wherever you operate around the globe. 

The HVS Spa & Wellness Division features a global network of related resources and partnerships. We look forward to staying ahead of the curve as this sector evolves in the months and years ahead. Mia A. Mackman, Managing Director of their Spa and Wellness Consulting division, can be reached at +1 928-284-8503 or [email protected].
Consulting & Valuation Services
  • Market and Financial Feasibility Studies
  • Valuation and Appraisal
  • Portfolio Inspection and Valuation
  • Long Range Strategic Planning
  • Business Plan Development
  • Highest and Best Use Analysis
  • Development Consulting and Project Management
  • Membership Planning and Bundling
  • Operational Analysis and Benchmarking
  • Distressed Asset Repositioning
Properties and Projects
  • Spa & Wellness Programs in Hotels, Resorts, Clubs, and Mixed-Use Facilities
  • Spa-Related Resorts and Real Estate Developments
  • Special Occasion and Meeting & Group Operations
  • Private and Public Standalone Spas
  • Membership and Revenue Models, Including Fees and Dues
  • Global Spa Equipment and Resources