An interview with Jim Abrahamson: Does the Glass Ceiling Really Exist for Women in the Hospitality Industry?

Women are in the minority at the highest levels of executive leadership – a phenomenon we see in every industry around the globe. HVS Executive Search explores this subject with Jim Abrahamson, Chief Executive Officer, Interstate Hotels & Resorts.

Is the concept of a “glass ceiling” really applicable in today’s world, and in particular, the hospitality industry? While the industry continues to debate this subject, research reveals that the number of women at the top of an organization drops off precipitously the further up the organizational chart one climbs. Why is this case? Are the reasons societal, biological, or psychological? HVS Executive Search continues to explore this subject in a series of interviews with leading hospitality executives from around the world.

The Power of Advice
Tatiana Veller, Managing Director HVS Executive Search Moscow, spoke with Jim Abrahamson, Chief Executive Officer at Interstate Hotels & Resorts, on the subject.
Mr. Abrahamson stressed the importance of not focusing purely on skill-based training. He added: "It is very important to cultivate leadership early in your career."

What other advice does he have for women entering the hospitality industry today? Learn more in this exclusive interview filmed during the HICSA conference in Mumbai earlier this year.

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