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Greening The Hills of Coorg - Club Mahindra, Kodagu Valley

This case study assesses the impact of environment friendly practices on a time share resort property in Coorg, India.

ECOTEL Version 2.0 - Reaching Out

ECOTEL’s metamorphoses into a more inclusive and interactive certification, involving owners, guests, employees and the community. We see the practicality of going green through a case study analyzing Rodas, an ECOTEL, located in Mumbai, INDIA.

Hotels In India - Trends And Opportunity 2004

Hotels In India - Trends And Opportunity 2004, confirms that hotels throughout India experienced 21.9% growth in RevPAR in 2003/04. Prepared and written by Manav Thadani and Deepika Malkani, the survey reports on a sample of mostly branded hotels.