Nana Boussia

Associate, Athens


Nana Boussia has been actively involved in the hospitality industry since September 2011 when she graduated from Glion Institute of Higher Education in Switzerland after acquiring her post- graduate diploma in Hospitality. Before that she earned a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Her diverse studies have helped her develop an easily- adaptable and overly interdisciplinary perspective towards a more well-rounded view of things. Her studies in engineering have helped her acquire the strength and confidence needed towards problem solving while her studies in hospitality have helped her be better organized and manage her time efficiently. She aims in expanding her knowledge through her work at HVS so as to be able to further analyze, harmonize, and synthesize links between these two disciplines.
After completing her studies in Switzerland and before returning to Greece, Nana attended a training program in one of the most prominent branded hotels in Barcelona, Hotel Arts. Over the past five years she has been managing her family’s five-star hotel in central Greece by monitoring its performance and suggesting improvements. She joined HVS in early 2016.