Cristiano Vasques, MRICS

São Paulo

Consulting Experience

Cristiano Vasques, Director – Partner with HVS Sao Paulo, joined HVS in 2001 as a consultant and market analyst. He has in-depth knowledge of the tourism, hospitality and related-real estate market in Brazil, including financial and corporate strategies for projects and businesses.

Vasques worked for four years in tourism projects for HVS, coordinating the elaboration of regional tourism development plans financed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB). He also conducted valuations in addition to market and feasibility studies for almost 200 hotels and resorts - across 19 Brazilian states, Paraguay, Venezuela, Trinidad & Tobago, Angola and Portugal – advising both national and international investors on market characteristics, product concepts and project profitability.

Vasques is a permanent columnist for Hotelnews magazine. He has also published several reports on tourism-real estate market and co-written the Brazilian Hotel Market Overview (HotelInvest / HVS) as well as the 2015 Hospitality Scoreboard (in partnership with the Brazilian Hotel Operators Forum – FOHB).