HVS Moscow Releases Report on the Health & Wellness Resorts of Sochi, Russia: Site of 2014 Olympics preparing for the World to Descend on the Area

HVS Moscow has released a report on the Overview of Health & Wellness Resorts of Sochi, Russia.

HVS Moscow has released a report on the Overview of Health & Wellness Resorts of Sochi, Russia. The in-depth Report focuses on the evolution of Sochi as the major recreational and wellness destination for Soviet tourists to the Olympic site of 2014, and how the transition is impacting Central Sochi. 

“Sochi is striving to attract the attention of international markets as well as domestic travelers with higher income,” explains Alexey Korobkin, Senior Consultant HVS Moscow and co-author of the report. “However, until now Sochi did not have a sufficient infrastructure and service culture in order to appeal to the targeted visitors.”

Sochi benefits from natural, geological and climatic resources that allow the destination to evolve into a modern competitive one. Such factors as presence of mineral springs and therapeutic muds, proximity to the mountains and opportunity to combine various kinds of leisure activities, and the image of Sochi as a destination for the Russian elite, positively impact the attractiveness of Sochi for tourists.

The Report also reveals that five international hotel brands are due to enter the lodging market of Central Sochi; whereas only one is present at the moment. Additionally, the majority of Health & Wellness Resorts that have been operational since Soviet times in the Central and Khosta districts of Sochi are currently in the process of upgrading their accommodations and medical facilities to far more modern standards.

Adler Airport, the region’s only international terminal, forecasts the number of international arrivals arriving by air to increase almost 3 times and domestic arrivals more than 1.5 times within the next 7 years.

“With active development in the region and planned improvements of service and physical facilities, Sochi’s health & wellness segment has the strong potential to compete on an international level,” explains Korobkin. “However, without a strong and focused marketing effort to promote the health and wellness aspects of the destination domestically and internationally, further development of this segment to its full potential will be challenging.”

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Alexey Korobkin
Senior Associate
HVS Moscow