Ecotel Certification Awarded To Two Club Mahindra Resorts - Kodagu Valley, Coorg and Varca Beach, Goa

HVS Eco Services awards the ECOTEL® Certification to two resorts of Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Limited (MHRIL), a leading player in the hospitality industry and the first Vacation Ownership Company globally to receive this Certification.

Delhi, July 7, 2010: HVS Eco Services awards the ECOTEL® Certification to two resorts of Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Limited (MHRIL), a leading player in the leisure hospitality industry. The ECOTEL® Certification, managed by HVS Eco Services, enables hotels and resorts to become sustainable and environment friendly by improving their environmental, economic, and social performance. Two of Mahindra’s resorts in India - Club Mahindra Kodagu Valley Resort at Coorg and Club Mahindra Varca Beach Resort at Goa - which recently underwent inspection, have been awarded the certification. This makes MHRIL, the first Vacation Ownership Company globally to receive the ECOTEL® Certification.

According to Manav Thadani, Managing Director, HVS-Eco Services, “ECOTELs have consistently demonstrated through a focused effort on reducing waste generation and increasing operational efficiencies, that ‘going green’ is good for the bottomline. Additionally, the ECOTEL® Certification values sustainability and places emphasis on community development. During our inspection, we found Mahindra Holidays Resorts to be following some good environment-friendly practices. We provided some guidance that concerted those efforts and solidified the company’s commitment to the environment, thereby strengthening environmental disciplines throughout the value chain. An investment in the ECOTEL® Certification promotes sustainability and makes good business sense. We are sure Mahindra Holidays will reap the benefit of investing in this initiative.”

The ECOTEL® Certification is awarded to any hotel/resort demonstrating a predetermined level of environmental sensitivity through its operations and practices. This is evaluated through a stringent assessment of the range, scope, and results of the property’s earth-friendly operations and practices across five broad criteria, known as 'The Five Globes': Environment Commitment, Solid Waste Management, Energy Efficiency, Water Management, and Employee Education and Community Involvement. To be certified as an ECOTEL, a hotel must score the qualifying percentage in each of the globes.

Coorg resort has been awarded Five Globes, the highest level of certification possible under the ECOTEL® rating system, which translates into high performance standards in each of the criteria or globes central to the certification. The Coorg resort, in addition to maintaining high operational standards, is also involved in community development like supporting and inculcating environment awareness among panchayat-run schools in the local community. The Goa resort has been awarded Four Globes.

Speaking on the occasion of achieving this unique distinction, Ramesh Ramanathan, Managing Director, MHRIL, said, "At Mahindra Holidays, we have always been conscious about our commitment towards the cause of the environment. As part of the growth strategy, Mahindra Holidays has developed a five-year Sustainability Road Map with a view to consciously reduce waste, as well as conserve water, biodiversity, and natural resources. We have been participating in the Sustainability Reporting of the Mahindra Group since FY 2007-08. Our investment in the ECOTEL® Certification provides a fundamental, yet holistic approach to all such activities."

About HVS Eco Services
HVS Eco Services, a division of HVS, is a global environmental consulting practice focused on the hospitality industry. It empowers hotels with a strategic and competitive advantage by creating environment responsive and sustainable solutions specific for hospitality. The division offers a comprehensive array of sustainable solutions that allow operators to enhance their environmental, economic, and social performance.

The ECOTEL® Certification enables hotels to be truly green and sustainable over the long term – by involving the entire value chain of owners, architects, operators, employees, suppliers and hotel guests. The ECOTEL® Certification is owned and managed by HVS Eco Services. For further information regarding the certification, please visit www.EcotelHotels.com.

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