Harvard, Illinois - Indoor & Outdoor Waterpark

HVS CSE recently completed a feasibility study for the conversion of a former Motorola warehouse and manufacturing building into the nation’s largest indoor waterpark.
HVS Convention, Sports & Entertainment Facilities Consulting recently completed a feasibility study for a new indoor/outdoor waterpark in Harvard, Illinois, approximately 75 miles northwest of Chicago. The study included an analysis of area market and demographic data, a review of comparable indoor and outdoor waterparks located elsewhere in the United States and Canada, attendance projections for the proposed waterpark, and a 10-year financial projection of operating revenues and expenses. The proposed indoor waterpark will be located in the renovated Motorola warehouse and manufacturing facility in Harvard, Illinois. By utilizing this existing building, the developer hopes to save substantial costs compared to other indoor waterpark developments. The project plans include an outdoor waterpark as a second-phase development. Additional development components could include a hotel conference center, restaurants, and other complementary retail and entertainment operations.