The Source for Revenue Management
HVS Sales & Marketing Services

The art of Revenue Management is ever-evolving and has become more dynamic with the changing economy, the impact of social networking and social marketing.

HVS Sales & Marketing Services will assess your current revenue management practices and work with your team to continue to increase revenue. We will:

  • Create daily, weekly and monthly revenue management steps;
  • Help your team create a dynamic strategy that involves participation among various departments throughout the hotel;
  • Integrate all channels to insure the hotel is maximizing revenue and performing exceptionally among your comp set;
  • Insure that your team is using all their tools effectively to positively impact rooms revenue;
  • Create revenue management action steps to promote the hotel in GDS, with online travel agencies, among social networking sites, and the local community in order to stimulate demand.

To analyze your revenue management tactics, work with and train your team for improved profitability, contact:
Leora Lanz at or Eydie Shapiro at


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