Executive Search - Compensation Analysis and HVS Leadership Assessment

The peer group for the Compensation Study of General Managers comprises of luxury five-star hotels in Dubai and covers the following data points; base salary, bonus or cash equivalent, allowances, and cash compensation.
Every year at HVS Executive Search we undertake several global market studies and compensation bench-marking on behalf of our clients. MENA region remains one of the fastest growing regions worldwide and attracts some of the best talent from across the globe. Here is a glimpse of how some of the best General Managers in Dubai, amongst the most coveted spots globally, are compensated in the luxury sector in the city.


Compensation Analysis - General Manager Luxury Segment Dubai

Source: HVS Research

The peer group for the Compensation Study of General Managers comprises of luxury five-star hotels in Dubai and covers the following data points:
·       Base Salary
·       Bonus or cash equivalent
·       Bonus
·       Housing Allowance
·       Schooling Allowance
·       Travel Allowance
·       Car Allowance of Company Car
·       Total Cash Compensation

HVS Leadership Assessment

Source: HVS Research
HVS Leadership Assessment™ is an Item Response Theory (IRT) grounded assessment instrument created by HVS Executive Search and Integrated Knowledge Systems, Inc. in conjunction with Cornell University.
The assessment was specifically designed for the service hospitality industry to provide deeper insight into an executive's management styles and has proven to be a highly regarded tool by our clients for senior leadership hiring. 

Its purpose is to measure in a rigorous, comprehensive and legally defensible manner the major personal characteristics that predict job performance especially in the service-hospitality industry.
The online tool can be used in both recruitment of prospective employees and assessment of current employees for setting training/coaching/performance goals. It is useful throughout the entire employment cycle to measure and track an individual’s people, execution and cognitive skills. Organizations leverage this assessment for selection, ongoing professional development, team development, and succession planning. It specifically targets peak performers within the service industry and enhances the effectiveness of behavioral interviews, reference checking and setting of coaching/performance goals.


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