2014 European Hotel Valuation Index

Generally Hotel values in Europe have been quite stable during 2013, with Lisbon and Athens starting to recover from the downturn. 2013 was not the year of a big leap forward but still showed a continuation of growth amongst most markets.
Sophie Perret is a Director at the HVS London office. She joined HVS in 2003, following ten years’ operational experience in the hospitality industry in South America and Europe. Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sophie holds a degree in Hotel Management from Ateneo de Estudios Terciarios, and an MBA from IMHI (Essec Business School, France and Cornell University, USA). Since joining HVS, she has advised on hotel investment projects and related assignments throughout the EMEA region, and is responsible for the development of HVS's business in France and the French-speaking countries, as well as Africa. Sophie completed an MSc in Real Estate Investment and Finance at Reading University in 2014, and is in the process of becoming a RICS certified surveyor. For further information, please contact: sperret@hvs.com +44 (20) 7878- 7722 (Work)


  1. Thokozani ChiliMarch 4, 2014

    Do you have a report similar to this one for the South African hotel industry, or even for Africa? Please share.

    • We are indeed currently working on the African version of the HVI, which we hope to be releasing in 3-4 weeks time.

  2. Denis CamilleriApril 27, 2014

    This should be a very interesting publication - thanks

  3. I found your report very interesting. Do you also have an analysis of per key valuations by chainscale? Thanks

    • Hi James, Thanks for your comment. Glad the report was useful to you. The HVI is based on a typical upscale hotel. Feel free to get in touch with me (cbertschi@hvs.com) or Sophie Perret (sperret@hvs.com) if you need further information.

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