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Golf - Overview

Golf, Residential and Resort Community Consulting and Valuation

HVS Golf, Residential and Resort Community Consulting and Valuation Services, established in 2004 with headquarters in Boulder, CO, specializes in the market and financial analysis of golf, club, residential and resort communities. This division of HVS is charged with consulting and valuation services that evaluate the macro economic and financial environment surrounding the golf, real estate and resort development. Services include appraisal, valuation, feasibility, litigation support and consulting for the following asset groups.

Asset Groups

  • Golf club/course
  • Golf resort
  • Master planned community
  • Seasonal, vacation and retirement communities
  • Mixed Use Development
  • Ski Areas

Achieving Outstanding Results For You

The objective of the division consulting and valuation services is to partner with you to achieve long term success. We pride ourselves on providing clients with the utmost in objectivity, professionalism, thoroughness and credibility that will lead to successful realization. From pre-development planning and financing, through project development and operation, you can rely on HVS for specialized industry knowledge and expertise to enhance economic returns and asset value. HVS Golf Services is led by Darius Hatami, who has directed hundreds of golf, residential and resort community projects throughout North America and around the world. Clients include developers, investors, lenders, attorneys, corporations, private land owners and governmental entities.